Dogwood, Red Osier

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24-36″ bare root seedlings, 1 year old (1-0)

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18-24″ bare root seedlings, 1 year old (1-0)

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Ornamental, dense plant that produces white flowers and white berries in mid to late spring.  Leaves turn to a purplish red fall color, and during the winter the shrub’s red stems remain vibrant creating a beautiful display of color.   It grows in almost every conditions, including wet soil. It makes a great hedge; the height growth is quick; however, the width is slower.  This shrub is loved for its hardiness and versatility.

Great choice for erosion control on slopes or banks due to the root system.

Height:  7-9′

Spread: 10′

Growth: Fast, may grow over 2′ per year

Sun:  Full sun is best, 4 hours of direct sunlight is preferred

Soil:  Adaptable, prefers moist soils.  Grows well in wet, swamp lands; however, it doesn’t do as well in dry soil.

Zone: 2-7