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Elderberry, American

25 Pack for $26.00

24-36″ bare root seedlings, 1 year old (1-0)

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24-36″ bare root seedlings, 1 year old (1-0)

Sold in packs of 25

American Elderberry is a multi-trunked shrub that can be pruned into a standard small tree by developing one of the lead trunks. In August the plant forms clusters of white, fragrant flowers that are followed by purplish-black fruit which can be used in syrup, jams, jellies, and even wine.  (Many people use the syrup as a tincture to support the immune system.)  Elderberry prefers full sun, and attracts wildlife, particularly birds and butterflies.

Height: 5-20′

Spread: 5-12′

Growth: Fast

Soils: Prefers well drained, moist soil.

Sun: Full sun, partial shade

Zone 4-7