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NYS DEC endorsed contractor training for erosion and sediment control.

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  • Tue

    Application Deadline: Climate Resilient Farming - Round 8

    4:00 pm

    Climate Resilient Farming (CRF) helps farms across NY to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration on ag land, and to prepare for a changing climate. Practices include manure storage cover and methane capture projects, manure solid / liquid separation, prescribed grazing, cover crops, conservation tillage, irrigation, soil and water management structures, riparian buffers, tree planting, and many more!!

    For more information, visit NYS Department of Ag and Markets website or utilize the QR code on the event flyer.

    Questions?  Contact Justin Bach, Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planner, at (315) 782-2749

    Application deadline: June 4, 2024, 4:00 pm 

    NOTE:  Our staff needs time to prepare applications to meet the NYS deadline of June 24, 2024.  Therefore, NO exceptions can be made.


Minutes, Agendas, Policies & Proposals

At Jefferson County Soil & Water Conservation District, we believe in open communication and accountability. We aim to promote transparency, ensuring that our constituents stay informed. Through our Agendas, Minutes, and Policies, we provide a comprehensive overview of our decision-making processes, board meetings, and guidelines.

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The Soil and Water Conservation District is the largest provider of technical service to the agricultural community in Jefferson County, NY.

We are committed to providing technical assistance and education to the residents of Jefferson County to ensure the wise use of soil, water, and other natural resources.

Events and News

Vacancy Announcement: Executive Director

We are seeking an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual with expertise in natural resource management.  The successful candidate will work with private and public properties and entities in all aspects of natural resource management involving both administration and...

Ag Workshop

Ag Workshop

In person registrations are required by March 27.  Space is limited. Please call our office to register (315) 782-2749 OR click here.

For Sale: Flail Mower

2017 Maschio 160 Giraffetta Flail Mower attachment For sale through Auctions International, Minimum bid: $3500

Benelli USA features our Certified Forester/Executive Director

Benelli USA features our Certified Forester/Executive Director

Our Executive Director, Patrick Crast, has been featured in the You Tube link below. Pat is a Certified Forester from SUNY ESF with a degree in Natural Resource Management, and he has been the Executive Director of our office since December 2021. The video “Raising Habitat” follows Darin Melton as he hunts the legendary ruffed grouse. The video was produced in conjunction with the Ruffed Grouse Society.

Our office provides forest management for Jefferson County’s 5500 acres of County reforestation lands. Locally, undesirable species were removed earlier this year on the Worth lot (County Route 96), and desirable species were planted. The trees planted on the Worth lot are perfect for ruffed grouse habitat. As we all know, a well-maintained, healthy forest is critical to providing clean water.

You may notice Benelli USA’s comment by Scott Hillman “Patrick Crast is one hell of a forest manager, and a very nice man. He knows every tree by heart in those woods I guarantee, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to hunt a few times where he’s managed the forest. Please respect and care for our public lands, and make sure you thank the foresters who manage the land for both animals and humans to thrive!”