AEM – Year 18

We are accepting applications for the Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) program through NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.  Any producer interested in participating must complete an AEM application by Friday, October 6, 2023, at 3:30 pm.  The application is a simple form asking a few questions about your operation and the project you are seeking.

The potential projects are too numerous to list.  Our Certified Crop Advisor and Certified Nutrient Management Planner is available to assist you.  If you’re not sure if your project would be considered, call Justin at (315) 782-2749.  (Some projects include air quality, soil health, water quality, wellhead protection, stream management, manure treatment options, pest management, irrigation management, forest management, grasslands farming, organic farming, riparian forest buffers, etc.)

If you are new to AEM, your first step would be to complete a short questionnaire (Tier 1) about your operation, and Justin will meet with you to identify any natural resource concerns. Next, Justin will work with you to develop a plan to address those concerns.

Projects will be ranked locally, and each application is confidential.  Proposed projects must cost less than $200,000 to be considered.

Participating in AEM may help you promote your products through the New York State Grown and Certified program.  It may also lead to other funding opportunities through NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Over one-third of farms throughout New York State participate in AEM! This is a great opportunity, and it is available to all types of farms, large or small. It’s also available to ANY producer (dairy, beef, poultry, horses, sheep, goats, maple, honey, fruit/vegetables, vineyards, greenhouse, forestry, etc.).

Producers are encouraged to complete the form and submit it, even if you miss the deadline.  We will accept continuous signups to be considered for the next round of funding in 2025.