Aspen, Quaking

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18-24″ bare root seedlings, 1 year old (1-0)

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18-24″ bare root seedlings, 1 year old (1-0)

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This tree has gorgeous, bright yellow-gold color in the fall and beautiful white bark all year long.  The leaves “quake” with even the gentlest breeze. It provides habitat for birds and butterflies.  Deer enjoy the fallen leaves.  While it is the State Tree of Utah, it is found across the US almost coast to coast. It can handle the toughest winters!  This is a phenomenal tree that has stood the test of time, it is known as one of the oldest species on earth!

Growth:  Fast

Height: 40-50′

Spread: 20-30′

Soils: acidic, clay, loamy, moist, sandy or well-drained

Zones:  1-7