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Maple, Sugar

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18-24″ bare root seedlings, 2 year old (2-0)

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18-24″ bare root seedlings, 2 year old (2-0)

The Sugar Maple is a hardy shade tree with beautiful red-orange leaves in the fall. It is one of the best known trees in the eastern US because of their distinctive leaf shape.   The maple leaf is best recognized as the leaf on the flag of Canada. They grow in southeast Canada, through New England, and the Midwestern US, south to Tennessee and Virginia.  New York is not alone in recognizing the beauty and grace of this amazing tree.   Wisconsin, Vermont and West Virginia also call the Sugar Maple their state’s tree.

Sap from Sugar Maples are harvested in early spring (tapped) and boiled down to form pure maple syrup.  For more information on maple syrup production: NYS Maple

Height 60’–70′

Spread: 45′

Growth: Slow to medium

Zone 4-8