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Walnut, Black

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24-36″ bare root seedlings, 1 year old (1-0)


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24-36″ bare root seedlings, 1 year old (1-0)

The Black Walnut is a treasure!   Practicality and aesthetics combine in the black walnut to make this species one of the most treasured trees in American history. The valuable dark brown wood is strong with a handsome grain that polishes easily and gleams forever. Great for furniture, interior finishing, gun stocks, and veneer.   And the rich, flavorful nuts are enjoyed fresh and retain their flavor and texture during cooking.

Whether you love it more for the stunning wood or the delicious nuts, it is an upstanding tree. Don’t anticipate edible nuts for about 12 years though.  Once they appear, wildlife enjoys them as well.

Height: 50–75′

Spread: 50-75′

Growth: Medium

Zone 4-9

NOTE: Black Walnut can be toxic to certain trees and plants if planted too close.