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Larch, American

25 Pack for $38.00

18-30″ bare root seedlings, 2 year old (2-0)

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Also known as Tamarack

Sold in packs of 25

18-30″ bare root seedlings, 2 year old (2-0)

Although it is a member of the pine family, the American Larch is both deciduous and coniferous as well!  Needles turn yellow before falling.  In the winter it has cones, but no needles. It is dormant during the winter and it is rugged! It can withstand temperatures of -65 degrees!  American Larch is found throughout the Adirondacks mountains.

Height 40-80′

Spread 50-80′

Growth: Slow

Zone 3-9

The wood is durable and great for pulp, poles, posts, etc.

Tolerates most soil conditions, can handle poorly drained areas and wet areas (swamps and bogs).